The Best Watch Face Widgets For Your iPhone

Widgets allow us to personalize our iPhone in a way never seen before, and with applications to create and download widgets the possibilities are almost endless. One of the most popular widgets is the clock widget, and now you can have various spheres as a widget on your iPhone.

Watch Face Widgets For Your iPhone

On previous occasions, we have told you about a widget with the Apple Watch face and another clock widget with the Mickey Mouse face, and today we bring you a few more that are great.

In order to download these clock widgets, you need to have the popular Widgy app installed. From this app, we can download hundreds of widgets created by users, and every day more than interesting news arrives.

iPhone Clock Widgets You Must Download

To download these widgets you just have to have the Widgy app downloaded and scan the code that we will leave under each widget from the Create Widgy tab and the Import Widgy option. Then you just have to click on the upper left arrow, go to Manage, and tap on Small # 1 to add the widget.

Then you just have to add the widget like any other to the home screen. Hold down the main screen, tap the “+” in the top right, find Widgy, and choose the Small # 1 widget.

Zip Zap Zoop

A clock widget created by warfare4artist. It shows us the time and also the day of the week, the time and temperature, the steps, and the battery percentage. A very nice and very complete widget.

Meridian Watch

Watch Face Customization

A widget created by Elijah Bailey and looks a lot like one of the Apple Watch faces. Use a clock widget but it also gives us a lot of information about the weather such as precipitation, temperature, or wind speed.


A pretty futuristic clock widget created again by warfare4artist. In this case, we have a simpler clock and we are also shown the percentage of battery that the iPhone has left.

Watch S.6

Another widget similar to one of the most popular spheres of the Apple Watch has been created by Ross here. Not only will we have information about the time, but also the temperature, day of the week, battery, and UV index.

Retro Watch

Another widget created by Elijah Bailey with a classic clock face where we see information about the time and the day of the week. A retro design for a very interesting clock widget.

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